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Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (CFSH, formerly Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada) works to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services, education, abortion and contraception with a specific emphasis on youth. CFSH is a non-judgmental, pro-choice, sex-positive and rights-based organization that provides accurate information and services to support informed decision-making related to sexual and reproductive health.

Awareness Campaigns: we develop public awareness campaigns to promote sexual health and rights information and services in Canada.

Resources: we develop and distribute materials to facilitate sexual health education.

Scholarships & Awards: we recognize and celebrate those working to promote sexual and reproductive health.

International Projects: we support rights-based projects to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women, men and youth in developing countries.

Position Statements: CFSH has written position statements to reflect our opinion on a wide range of topics.

Advocacy: we act as a national voice to protect and improve sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

Expertise: we collaborate with members, leading sexual and reproductive health researchers and educational institutions across Canada to provide policy advice based on reliable research.

Reviewed Mar 2009

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