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Our goal is to ensure that Canadians have access to universal, reliable information and services in order to make informed decisions related to their sexual and reproductive health and behaviour.
To ensure integrity and high quality in our learning products, we invite your feedback and critique of these tools. We welcome suggestions of additional materials that should be included in our library.

It's Easier Than You Think!

Talking with your children about sexual healh and well being.


Beyond the Basics
A Sourcebook on Sexual &
Reproductive Health Education, 2nd ed. (CFSH 2005)

A manual containing lesson plans for different age groups on a wide range of sexual health education topics.


Finding Our Way
: A Sexual & Reproductive Health Sourcebook for Aboriginal Communities (CFSH 2002)

The first comprehensive Canadian resource on sexual and reproductive health within an Aboriginal cultural context.


Youth Talk Back: Sex, Sexuality & Media Literacy (CFSH 2000)  $10.00  
Teachers Guide $10.00

Student and teachers' guides help students become more active media consumers and raises their awareness about the relationship between media and sexuality.



Sexual & Reproductive Health Counselling Guidelines (CFSH 2004) FREE online!

A tool to improve support skills, train staff or provide additional information for clients in a clinical, community or educational setting.


Positive Thinking:
A Sex-positive Approach to  HIV/AIDS Education (CFSH 2000) free

Publication highlights six best practice case studies across the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health member organizations

Men’s Reproductive Health Curriculum (Engender Health, 2003)    
Each section provides a Trainer's Resource and Participant Handbook
Section 1: Introduction to Men's Reproductive Health Services
Section 2: Counseling & Communicating with Men
Section 3: Management of Men's Reproductive Health Problems 











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